Flange plates rectangular for CER bearings

CER RECTANGULAR PLATES are an excellent solution for connecting our bearings to the structure, through threaded and plain holes that facilitate assembly and alignment using bolts and screws.
CER RECTANGULAR PLATES can be supplied welded to our combined and radial CER bearings in its different versions.
CER’S COMBINED BEARINGS welded to our support plates allows to facilitate the operations of assembly, disassembly, maintenance and adjustment of the bearings to the structure, resulting in an extremely fast and economic assembly.
The different optional accessories that can be incorporated into our plates (see washer for flange plates and wipers for raceways), allows the adjustment of the Bearing’s axial roller and the cleaning of large particles from the profile raceway respectively, lengthening and improving the life of the Bearing.
CER RECTANGULAR PLATES can be requested with LUBRICATION SYSTEM (see section) , that allows re-lubrication of CER BEARINGS on one of the sides faces of the plate for cases where bearing’s lubrication duct isn’t accessible.
CER RECTANGULAR PLATES allow a better distribution of the forces transmitted to the structure by the bearing.
If you need help don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Department.

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