CER Combined Bearings

Compared to conventional bearings, C.E.R. COMBINED BEARINGS offer the most economical and simple solution for machinery and structures with linear load movement systems vertical/horizontal, by allowing the combination of high radial and axial loads in a single shaft bearing, ready for assembly. C.E.R. combined bearings allow a reduction in construction and production costs by minimising assembly times and maintenance stops.
Combined bearings are manufactured in various types, which differ by the possibility of adjusting the axial roller and preparing for high temperatures.
The C.E.R. COMBINED BEARINGS are standardized in UNI-EN-ISO specific for roller bearings and are certified with ISO 9001:2015.
The radial and axial loads specified in the tables and drawings on this website refer to the maximum bearing capacities according to ISO 281/1 and ISO 76 regulations.
In projects with a guidance system made up of bearings and profiles, we recommend that you consult our Technical Department, which will be able to tell you which is the appropriate combination that meets the parameters of admissible contact pressure between the two.

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