Innovation, Quality, Reliability and Service

Leaders in bearings and profiles guide for load handling systems.

The continued collaboration with different sectors has permitted that C.E.R. can increase their range of bearings and  profiles guide needed for project's development, applications and maintenance of equipment with systems of motion linear, vertical/horizontal, guided or not guided.

Our bearings present a wide range of applications. From the motion system of a mast for forklift  truck, to the conveyor lines to heavy material.

Our structure and extensive stock, allows to offer a quick answer to demand for our standard products in any part of the world.

C.E.R. evolves with a continous improvement and with only one objective, be distinguished with a costumer service of 360º, from the council for the design and manufacture of the bearing until the service and the evaluation after sales.

Once again, cer is situated in first place in technological development and in the assistance to the industry.

The incorporation of one technician service, effective and  capable  of  diversify,   develope or modify bearings, through of designs created for the specific needs and detected in each costumer.

Customer service 360º. From design and manufacturing until the evaluation after sales.

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